Finding Balance Can Be Difficult in Our Chaotic World

Turn to Divine Interventions Reiki Healing in Bangor, ME for help

Deadlines, family squabbles and depressing news - the worries of this world can weigh us down. Harboring negative energy can have lasting consequences. Reiki energy therapy is designed to release negative energy within yourself.

Look to Divine Interventions Reiki Healing in Bangor, ME for help finding balance if...

You're in distress or pain.
You feel weighted down by negative energy.
You're mentally, physically or emotionally exhausted.

Reiki energy therapy is no substitute for medical advice from a doctor, but it can complement any medical treatment you're seeking. Learn more by contacting our reiki therapist today.

What to expect during your first session

Reiki energy therapy should be a pleasant experience. We'll encourage you to...

Make yourself comfortable when lying on our massage table
Relax as our reiki therapist places her hands over your body
Be receptive to healing energy

You could feel more relaxed after just one session. Call 207-944-7013 today to make an appointment in Bangor, ME.

Discover the path to self-healing

Anyone can learn reiki healing. We'll empower you to sense and remove negative energy within yourself. If your home is a source of negative energy, we can clear it out so you can make room for light and love.